Anna Nicholas is the most prolific British author writing about Mallorca today. 

Author of a popular series of six Mallorca travel titles with 60,000+ copies sold, the seventh Peacocks in Paradise,  is to be published in June 2021. 

Row of books written by Anna Nicholas

Her writing is observational, gives a highly entertaining account of rural life in Mallorca and her writing style easy to read. Many readers have been drawn to the island by her books to holiday and to live.

Her most recent book  The Devil´s Horn offers something quite different to her usual theme which is cataloguing her family’s journey on the island over a decade, such as Lizzard in my Luggage and A Chorus of Cockerels.  

The Devil´s Horn by Burro Books was her debut crime novel which introduced us to the feisty Isabel Flores Montserrat.

When 33-year-old Isabel quits a promising career with the Spanish police to run her mother’s holiday rentals agency in rural Mallorca, it seems that her crime-fighting days are far behind. However, in just a few days, the disappearance of a young British girl, the violent murder of an elderly neighbour and the discovery of a Colombian drug cartel threaten to tear apart Isabel’s idyllic life.

Together with local police chief Tolo Cabot, an admirer of her unorthodox methods, Isabel must race against the clock to untangle a sinister web of crime and restore peace to the island once more. 


When dipping her toe into the crime genre, Anna had no idea that Isabel Flores Montserrat would receive such good reviews and sell so well that she has now just finished the next adventure for Isabel  – The Haunted Magpie.

This time Isabel has her work out.

When a young florist vanishes at night, the only evidence found is a tiny wooden heart. With nothing else to go on, Mallorca’s police chief calls upon unorthodox former detective, Isabel Flores Montserrat, to help. 

But a second disappearance confirms a connection with a series of sinister cold cases. Suspecting that a serial killer has resurfaced, Isabel races to uncover the link between past and present, the meaning of the wooden heart, and the identity of the culprit. 

Meanwhile, trouble is brewing in Isabel’s own village with a spate of mysterious animal disappearances. Could it all be connected? 

Haunted Magpie

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Anna ran her own PR company in London for 20 years when she, her husband and son Ollie decided it was time to try a quieter life. She has lived for 18 years in the Sóller valley in the heart of rural Mallorca. A keen traveller, experienced journalist and a keen runner, she has completed numerous marathons and is currently challenging herself to climb all of Mallorca´s 1000 m peaks.  

Anna on her Tramuntana Peak Challenge

Anna Nicholas was the first British winner of the prestigious Siurell de Plata 2017 – awarded by the Balearic Government for promoting Mallorcan values, culture and traditions – with her six Mallorcan book titles and articles about the island.

In her books she describes to readers and potential visitors the jewels of the island, beyond the sun and beach (similar to )  and is a true ambassador for the island. 

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Other titles by Anna Nicholas:

Lizard in My Luggage  2007, Cat on a Hot Tiled Roof 2008, Goats from a Small Island 2009, Donkey on My Doorstep 2010, Bull on the Beach 2012, A Chorus of Cockerels  2016.

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