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Are you hooked on BBC’s The Mallorca Files?  Returning to our screens early next year, here’s a look behind the scenes with Deirdre, of MallorcanTonic, who gets the inside track on this popular series.

Mallorca Files Paseo

The Mallorca Files premiered last year just as the nights were drawing in and we were dreaming of our next holiday.  Transporting us to the sunnier climes of Mallorca the series was a real tonic for those gloomy winter evenings and a chance to sit back and enjoy a slice of this magical island.

Mallorca Files -Fornalutx T

If you’ve not seen The Mallorca Files yet, there’s plenty of time to catch-up on BBC’s iPlayer, BritBox UK and ZFDneo in Germany.  

Produced by Clerkenwell Films and Cosmopolitan Pictures in conjunction with the BBC, The Mallorca Files offers a breezy antidote to the trend for dark crime dramas that are currently on our screens.

Set exclusively on the island of Mallorca, the original 10-part BBC daytime drama written by Dan Sefton, features an unlikely crime-fighting duo.

Miranda Blake (actor Elen Rhys) an uptight workaholic British cop is partnered with Max Winter (Julian Looman ) a laid-back German policeman.  In the opening episode, DC Blake is in Mallorca to escort a witness’s return to the UK, but when things don’t go according to plan, she is asked to remain in Mallorca.

This is a feel-good cop show with good old fashioned chases and capers combined with clever wit and glorious scenery.

A fresh Continental feel to the programme additionally gives every episode a contemporary twist and, as the series moves on, we see the partnership developing and the building of a heavy dose of `will they : won’t they ́.  It’s a classic in the making.

Ben Donald, Executive Producer says ‘when Miranda is posted here, her character is  very buttoned up, but quickly we begin to explore every aspect of the island through her eyes, and she soon grows to love it. We want viewers to feel the same’ . The location shoots, without question, showcase the island beautifully.

Bryn Higgins, who directs several of the episodes observes `there are three main characters in the series, Miranda, Max and Mallorca ́.

From the outset we are spoilt with several driving scenes through the old town of Palma, a coffee stop in Plaça de Cort, breathtaking aerial coastal scenes and, in later episodes, a trip out to the Tramuntana mountains to visit one of Mallorca many vineyards.  Max and Miranda are even filmed taking a ride on the Sóller train. A must-do for any visitor to the island.

The Mallorca Files - Soller Train

Dominic Barlow, the show’s producer, says  `Mallorca is a unique island.  It ́s got so much going for it. I am always surprised by what we see around the next corner. It’s the gift that just keeps giving ´.

The drama has been a huge success. Originally scheduled for daytime broadcast, The Mallorca Files was quickly promoted and has become a mainstream watch for viewers with the drama now being shown in some 60 territories around the world.   

BBC The Mallorca Files

Stay tuned to MallorcanTonic for future snippets of exclusive Mallorca Files gossip.  

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