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Sipping and Stomping in Binissalem

Fancy getting down and very dirty ? Then ` Festa des Vermar ´ in the wine town of Binissalem is the place to be in September. 

Mallorcans love their wine. Binissalem is the centre of one of the most important wine producing regions on the island. For most of the year it is a sleepy quite enclave but when winegrowers have finished the harvest and want to celebrate, the town comes alive for locals and visitors.

Binissalem wine town from a distance The programme of events stretches over two weeks and includes parades, competitions, wine tasting contests to name but a few, but the highlight of the fiesta is the now infamous Gran Batalla de Raïm (Battle of the Grapes) where the village youths and visitors throw some 10,000 kilogramms of grapes at each other in one of the messiest and most fun events on the island. Usually held on the third Saturday in September at midday. 

Gran Batalla de Raïm - Battle of the GrapesSunday evening sees the famous Concurs de Trepitjar Raïm (Grape Treading Competition). Competitors in pairs have just 3-4 minutes to tread as much juice as possible from two sacks of grapes. 

Stepping into the wine barrels, they can only tread barefoot and holding each other’s shoulders. It is hilarious both to watch and to participate! 

Binissalem Wine Fiesta - Festa des Vermar

The locals cook up a storm with a huge paella sized bowl of Fideus de Vermar, a traditional dish of slow cooked lamb, spices, and fideu noodles. 

Festivities continue around the square in Binissalem with giant puppets dancing to the music of the  ‘Xeremiers’ .

Giant puppets - Binissalem Fill your boots. Free wine is served to everyone, both new wines that have just been made from the harvest and old wines from past years.

Wine - Binissalem wine fiesta

So choose your activity, dress accordingly and join in the fun and laughter at Festa des Vermar!

To find out more click here :  Binissalem Program of Events .

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