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Sineu Market – Mallorca´s oldest and most traditional

Slap bang in the middle of the island sits the beautiful hilltop town of Sineu dating back to Roman times. Dominated by the imposing palace built for King Jaume II in 1309 , the town’s claim to fame is that it served as the capital of Mallorca during the 13th century, a fact its townsfolk are still very proud of.

Today however, its fame derives from its Wednesday market (8am to 1pm) which is the oldest, running for over 700 years, and most traditional in all Mallorca.

The market takes over the squares, streets and alleys of the town but its heart is the main square beside the church, Placa es Mercadal.

Sineu MarketSpilling out into the maze of side streets where you will find each has something different on offer ; fruit and veg beside the church, round the corner for ceramics, a huge selection of leather goods in another street, olives, capers and other artisan foods, local crafts and products, linens and embroidery, baskets and wickerwork.

Sineu Market MallorcaBut essentially this is still very much a farmers’ market for Sineu´s agricultural hinterland and is unique as the only remaining open market where farm animals are bought and sold.

So expect the sights, sounds and smells of chickens, doves, guinea fowl, lambs, piglets etc !

Sineu Market PigsAround the market area are a number of traditional cellar restaurants where you can take refuge from the hustle and revive your senses.

Because of its central location, Sineu is easily accessible by car from any part of the island in around 30 minutes. So why not make a day of it and discover the local products and enjoy the heritage of this wonderful market.




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