Spring in Mallorca

Spring in Mallorca arrives early with longer days and milder mornings.

Some hotels have taken a short rest for a month or two. When you click on  Sleep , the opening and closing dates of the luxury hotels are clearly shown. Many hotels open from Mid February with special offers to welcome you to their home of luxury.

Almond Blossom Mallorca

The Mallorca weather ensures that the sea temperature is warming up nicely and for those brave enough it is already time to take a dip.

By the end of March, beaches are becoming busier and the locals are in fiesta mode. March and April see weeks of preparation for Semana Santa, or Holy Week. The city, towns and villages each have their own processions, building up to the Easter weekend.

If you are lucky to encounter a fiesta on the island when you visit, it is truly special. The traditions date back centuries and we feel privileged to witness these colourful spectacles.


In the countryside trees and flowers are in bud, fruits are ripening and the island´s eateries are producing their new season´s menus with these freshest of ingredients.

Spring in Mallorca is the time for the discerning traveller to take advantage of the quiet and calm.

Enjoy being spoiled by the hotels offers, enjoy the Mallorca weather of Spring before the island is heaving again with visitors.

Once you have sampled a tranquil Mallorca, I guarantee you will be back.