I love food. Sweet, savoury, any which way, just include me in all servings ! My friend Ella, in our wonderful circle of friends, has been for many years the queen of desserts!

At our meet-ups, we devour our picnics so that we can quickly get to the main event, the deliciousness hiding in Ellas´s bakery box.

So when she announced she was to open her own breakfast/ brunch spot, we could not have been happier ! 

Tomato Bread Lily Hope

Ella decided to become a vegan about four years ago after taking an interest in family health and nutrition and becoming increasingly concerned for the environment and animal welfare.

On her journey of discovery Ella soon realised that there was a shortage of healthy options for plant based food in Mallorca. With hospitality running in the family, she saw an opportunity to offer those healthy options to a wider audience in her parents already successful Sa Bodegueta restaurant in the heart of the old town of Palma. 

Open for breakfasts, Ella´s menu consists of an array of toasts and freshly baked sandwiches. Think sweet roasted peppers with creamy tangy coconut based “feta” on seeded rye toasts or perhaps curried chickpeas with dates and sprouts in a crunchy baguette or llonguet, the classic Mallorcan bread roll.

Avocado and sweet potato rosti - Lily Hope Cakes

With her own love for sweet treats, Ella also offers a daily changing selection of hand made, home baked goodies. Who would have thought there was such a thing as a healthier Millionaire’s Shortbread, gluten and guilt free!

Lily Hope Shortbread

My personal favourites from the Lily Hope Cakes range are the perfectly crispy and chewy oat, chocolate and sea salt cookies as well as the buckwheat, cashew and cinnamon granola bowl. 

Banana and Apple Spelt Muffins

Ella is constantly creating new recipes as well as  “veganising ” old recipes so you will be spoiled for choice. 

As well as the daily breakfasts, Lily Hope Cakes offer celebration cakes for weddings, birthdays and special occasions which can be made to order. 

Lily Hope Celebration Cakes

Don’t delay or you could find the plate is empty! 

Sa Bodegueta

San Crist 2 , Palma

Tuesday  – Saturday  

Breakfast and Brunch 09.00 – 12.00 pm