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Glossolalia – a language school in Palma

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Learning a new language is a desire for many people but, as we all lead such busy lives, it is sometimes hard to imagine how we would find the time and where to start?  Well, a new language school in Palma, Glossolalia (an ancient word meaning ´talking in tongues´) has found a solution. Visit the beautiful island of Mallorca and learn a language at the same time. Brilliant! This isn’t about sitting in an old-style classroom, with scores of with other students scribbling notes from a blackboard. This language school offer a unique way of learning, not least by the school´s inspiring location, a private villa in the foothills above the Bay of Palma.


The language courses offered employ the theories of Suggestopedia: did you know that when you’re relaxed you learn more efficiently? Elements within all the classes are practical allowing to put into action what you have learned straightaway.

All of your five senses will be stimulated helping you to retain new information.


You will be up on your feet, either in the classroom….or


out and about in Palma …….learning in a fun and interactive way.


The Manager of the school, Sandra, tells me, ´our language team are our greatest asset, all are very experienced and are passionate about how they teach and are great at motivating and encouraging students to continually develop their new language skills`.DSC_0161

The aim at Glossolalia is to enable you to speak with confidence and fluency in as short a time as possible.

With group sizes of no more than five in each class, which is truly a luxury, there is more time to interact and for learning levels to increase.

The school offers full and part-time courses, as well as private tuition in Spanish, English, Italian ,German and Russian. A 20 hour a week part-timecourse starts at €380.

So if you fancy learning at a language school in Palma whatever the Mallorca weather, you know what to do…

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MallorcanTonic Bonus

All MallorcanTonic readers receive a 10% off all courses with the Promo Code Mallorcantonic.


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