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Meaning ‘love’ and ‘earth’ Terragust is a Mallorcan experience to savour.  A unique day out for the foodies as well as those who just love the outdoors and learning something new. The day shows you how, where and when the cream of the crops are grown, followed by a chance to enjoy a delicious meal created from the produce.  

Launched in the spring of 2019, the team behind Terragust realised that visitors to the island would love to learn more about the diverse range of produce grown and how they are tended and harvested in Mallorca.  

Learning about the food from Terragust Mallorca

It takes the ‘field to fork’ concept to a new level with the very food you have just seen being picked and cooked often in a matter of minutes. Literally zero food kilometres!  Chef Biel Llull Galmes, known as ‘Cornet’ to his friends, was born and raised in the country and with his innate knowledge of Mallorcan produce, Cornet decided to combine his passion for growing the best ingredients with his newly learnt culinary skills.

Beautifully set table - Terragust Mallorca

The day takes approximately four hours where you can indulge the senses touring a small variety of rural farms and then visit the main producer Terracor, who has 250 hectares of fields in the Manacor region – locations that change with the seasons.  Your day culminates in a five course lunch served with local wines with your fellow guests among the vines and under the warm amber sunshine. 

Sitting down to eat with the Terragust Team

The day is packed with gems of fascinating information on food, how it is grown, harvested and prepared and its format is perfect for all ages. 

If you have a passion for knowledge, love informal days out and a chance to indulge in food that takes fresh to new levels, this is the experience for you. 

The day costs 75 euros per person, with a reduced price for children and guests leave with a goody bag stuffed with fresh fruit and vegetables.   

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Book a Terragust experience  
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