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Winter Solstice…shortest day celebrations!

Winter solstice, around 21 December is the shortest day of the year when the sun is at it´s furthest point south from the Equator. Today it does a U-turn and starts its long slow journey north (sorry Australia and New Zealand but its our turn again!).


Winter in Mallorca is short. With at least two more hours more of daylight, no one is hibernating here!



Visit in early January and you will catch the annual festival of the ´Three Kings´ or ´Three Wise Men´(on 5th January ,the eve of the Epiphany)  where you can witness the procession of the Three Kings, often on horseback with their royal pages, musicians and dancers delivering sweets and gifts to small children. Each town has its own parade but in Palma the procession is a work of many months preparation and is a memory you will treasure.

Or if you need to work off some of the Christmas excesses, then why not join the thousands of cyclists and walkers who have made Mallorca their ´winter holiday home´ whatever the Mallorca weather, these last few years.


January ´blues´ in Mallorca generally refer to the skies and if you visit late in January or February you will see Mallorca wearing one of its perfectly best outfits, four million almond trees in blossom, a truly magnificent sight!


At this time of year hotels in Palma are offering some of their best rates and of course you can enjoy a MallorcanTonic Bonus. By February a number of the coastal hotels are also opening their doors after their short winter break to welcome new or returning visitors to magical Mallorca.

So you know what to do…….whatever the Mallorca weather, take a peek in the Sleep section and click `Book me a room…´and don’t forget to email me your confirmation so that I can confirm your Tonic Bonus.

All thats left to do is pack !

Discover Mallorca
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Discover Mallorca
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Discover Mallorca
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