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The Ca´n Pintxo team would like to offer a complimentary welcome glass of Cava when booking a table for lunch or dinner.

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Question: How do you go from flying a Boeing 737 to running restaurant Ca´n Pintxo in Sóller ?

Answer : Ask the owner of the delightful C´an Pintxo in Sóller, Alvaro Vicens Fernandez.


A local Sólleric, Alvaro decided he needed a change of career and retrained as a chef, eventually returning to his hometown to showcase the best produce Mallorca has to offer.

With the help of the entire team, they have transformed what was originally a bakery just a stone´s throw from Sóller´s main square into one of the ´go to´places to dine in town.

Ca’n Pintxo, which opened May 2011 decided to make pintxos their speciality.


Pintxos (from the Basque word for skewer) are small portions of food, individually created, which are served on a skewer or pierced with a cocktail stick.

Traditionally pintxos are served upon a bread base but at Ca´n Pintxos expect all manner of ingredients to be served up, each a piece of culinary art in their own right.

The Ca´n Pintxo team are passionate about the island and its products and have gone to extraordinary lengths not just to feature all that is on offer locally in terms of meat, fish, wine, oil etc but to go one step further and put the Ca´n Pintxo stamp individually on some of their products.

pintxo-6-705x469For example, Macià Batle’s wines, some of the leading wines on the island, feature on the Ca´n Pintxo wine list only as special editions, author’s suggested wines, private reservas, to be enjoyed only in Macià Batle’s cellar or in Ca’n Pintxo.

But if its a thirst quenching beer you are after, the team have joined up with the award winning Guillem Coll of Sullerica Craft Brewery, the first brewmaster in the world that has successfully put together flavours such as the orange blossom from Sóller and a porter with a touch of cocoa! Together with Guillem, they have created limited editions for Ca´n Pintxo, each unique the Sullerica brand.


You can also enjoy a cocktail with history, such as an Old Fashioned, Dry Martini, Gimlet or a Pisco Sour as well as all those familiar ones you would expect to find in a cocktail bar.

To end with, you might want a sweet treat and this will not disappoint. Leaving nothing to chance, they source their desserts from the man himself, none other than the best confectioner on the island, Jaume Oliver of Es Forn Can Salem in Algaida.


As part of their desire to support their culture and traditions, the Can Pinxto team also take part in local fiestas and host live cooking demonstrations.

So next time you are wondering where go do for lunch or dinner and are in the Sóller Valley, whether the Mallorca weather is good or not so good, make your way to Ca´n Pintxo for an extraordinary culinary and local treat.

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Open: Year-round (winters weekends only)

MallorcanTonic Bonus

The Ca´n Pintxo team would like to offer a complimentary welcome glass of Cava when booking a table for lunch or dinner.

Just pop “Tonic” in the Subject box.


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